Right now we are 35 meters above sea level but let’s sink. ecotone attempts to concentrate a 35 minute performance gathering into a public witnessing project: together we are in study of (with) a shapeshifting body who floods. We enter into the humid proximity of water. Water as carrier and barrier: glaciers who melt and become immobilized; whales who eat plastic and become landfills; puddles of toxic algae who become host to entire ecologies of life. I transmit an intra-corporeal gossip: cyphering atmospheric information throughout my body’s sedimenting & spilling landscapes. Choreographies and modes of sensing enfold. This body is kindred to the river who is insubordinate against her borders simply because she has crossed them before: flooding, meandering, remembering. My tempo is a persistent unfolding: navigation of the low-tide Mediterranean during a New Moon (19 aout;17 septembre; 16 octobre…), where the water becomes deep enough that my feet don’t touch the sand. Traversing wetlands, we are at the ecotone – the somehow undefinable borderzone that is created when ecosystems clash, merge, and meet.

- "ecotone: in study with bodies who flood" program notes / feuille de salle, septembre 2020
© marion storm