collaborative precarity bodyhacking

Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking workshop facilitated by ELÆ (Lynne DeSilva-Johnson), marion storm, & Cory Tamler Session 1: Thursday January 24th + Friday January 25th 10am - 2pm Suggested $20 Session 2: Saturday January 26th 12:30pm - 5pm Suggested $10

Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking is a series of cross-disciplinary workshops addressing precarity’s trauma-resonant effects on mind and body programming. These intensive gatherings will employ individual and group work that includes writing, performance, movement, breath work, mindfulness, and dialogue. We will make space for reading, ritual, and emergent documentation. No previous experience in any of these disciplines is necessary, and exercises will be adaptable to the needs and abilities of different bodies. We have created a workbook full of resources, scores, and annotations for further research based on these workshops. This will be available on site for $5-10.

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