flood x study is a posthumanist inquiry into bodies who flood. So far, this research project carries a dance, a self-interview, and a public witnessing project. I initiated this study within the frame of my master at the centre choregraphique national, Montpellier in 2020.

a dance

ecotone: in study with bodies who flood

program notes:

Right now we are 35 meters above sea level but let’s sink. ecotone attempts to concentrate a 35 minute performance gathering into a public witnessing project: together we are in study of (with) a shapeshifting body who floods. We enter into the humid proximity of water. Water as carrier and barrier: glaciers who melt and become immobilized; whales who eat plastic and become landfills; puddles of toxic algae who become host to entire ecologies of life. I transmit an intra-corporeal gossip: cyphering atmospheric information throughout my body’s sedimenting & spilling landscapes. Choreographies and modes of sensing enfold. This body is kindred to the river who is insubordinate against her borders simply because she has crossed them before: flooding, meandering, remembering. My tempo is a persistent unfolding: navigation of the low-tide Mediterranean during a New Moon (19 aout; 17 septembre; 16 octobre…), where the water becomes deep enough that my feet don’t touch the sand. Traversing wetlands, we are at the ecotone – the somehow undefinable borderzone that is created when ecosystems clash, merge, and meet.

performance history:

Centre Choregraphique National, Montpellier France, with the support of Master Exerce & la Fondation Hermes.


choreography & creation, marion storm

translation, daniel luhmann

artist advisors, myrto katsiki & jennifer lacey

master exerce program direction, anne kerzerho

gratitude, inspiration:

This project would not have been possible without the deep work and extensive artistic research of Tyler Rai, and the trans-disciplinary collective The Hungry Mothers, which she founded and of which I am an active member. Thank you, Tyler, for sharing your performance project glacial erratics with me in 2019, and for sharing with Hungry Mothers the article about Okjokull glacier’s memorial service. I hope we exchange many more blurred transmissions together in honor of the more-than-human.

a self-interview

positions of meander


What began as a comprehensive discussion of my references for the dance project (as it is a project committed to the act citation), in the form of a self-interview, takes on a plural, shifting perspective from within the floodplain. Please write me marion.fr.storm.us@gmail.com for a copy or to talk further about the work <3

a public witnessing project

In Memoriam & Otherwise

excerpt of the ceremony:

“…because the otherwise I find to be really important; because all of us together have a great capacity for worlding. For participating in the becoming of the planet. Because all of us together have a great capacity for worlding. For participating in the becoming of the planet.

I’d like to take the temperature of the room, to ask ourselves as individuals of a group, to see what roles we all might offer to play in a speculative future, as soon as you walk out this door. Or a role you could even be playing right now. This list is of course incomplete.

When you hear a role that you feel curious about, please raise your hand. If you feel called to raise your hand more than once, please do. It’s best if we close our eyes.

high tide witness microplastics collector coral reef doctor water bearer a mother, who searches for our sons’ bones in the sea whale translator wetlands steward a river, who is also a girl biographer of a raindrop”

an installation housed in a building of public infrastructure


At the core of this project is the blending of ways of knowing & then presenting the knowledge, practices, and documentation that are produced in an adaptive and dynamic way. Please contact me if you know of any abandoned or open-to-the-public ecologically oriented spaces like lighthouses, gites, cabins, arboretums, apiaries, boats, pedestrian walkways, causeways, or pavilions that might host an exhibition of the flood study collection of ephemera!!

an exhibition of the text


An art exhibit of the films, text fragments, mapping experiments, micro-art works, and field reports collected & envisioned throughout the study.

© marion storm