this is a three hour long dance performance full of scores, group action, live composition, and deep listening. as the performers of this work our attention is always on our layered, conflicting, complicated frame which is resistance. our resistance fantasies. or sometimes not fantasies, the real thing. this attention is singular and also collective. we have different experiences of resistance, different hopes within a/the resistance, different expectations of and inheritances of resistance, and so the way we move and respond to the scores we’ve created together is ultimately up to us the individuals. but something about the doing of this—all of this, whatever this turns out to be the night you see it— together feels important, too. the tempo or tone that one of us creates will not go unnoticed by the rest of us. duets emerge. we witness one another, amplify and support each other. solidarity is practiced here. we have done a lot of talking in this process. our rehearsals have been iterative, and every time we meet it feels like a new beginning. that has something to do with honesty. translating that kind of honesty into a performance space (here, now) has something to do with performativity but not in a dishonest way. we are performing this work instead of keeping it inside the rehearsal process because embodiment and shared experience of witnessing embodiment is a real transmission. it’s a real call for attention, reorientation, and repatterning. shared experience and holding space is we dare say sacred. this performance is long because we didn’t want to stress people out about arriving on time. what kind of resistance fantasy would this be if everyone was stressed. we, too, are trying not to be stressed. we are trying to be responsive to one another. responsive to you, subtly. mostly we want craft and the choreographic to serve not just a nice dance and some nice synchronized moments, but to add to an overall climate of heightened perception that feels important to be a part of for everyone who is a part of it. also, we truly love to dance.

- resistance fantasies, January 2019 program notes
© stormy budwig